Saturday, 20 September 2014

SchoolNet SA

I came across a very interesting blog that I thought I should share with you all! It is a very interesting education blog. It provides loads of resources and interesting news. It also provides information about competitions for teachers. The best resources they supply it resources on technology! They provide very interesting information about many different tools, gadgets and apps a teacher can use. I advice you all to take a look at this blog, you will definitely benefit from it :)

"Spell and Fill" reflection

Apps can be a very useful tool in classrooms. I decided to write a reflection about an app that I found interesting.

Description of app
“Spell and fill” is a free app designed specifically for Education purposes. The app provides a child with an easy word but leaves out one letter. The app then provides the child with four different letters to choose from. The child must then choose the letter they think is left out from the word. The child has to click on the correct letter. If they click on the right letter, it will show a right mark and move to the next question. If the child clicks on the wrong letter, it will show a cross and the child can choose another letter until he gets the right one.
The app provides words from many different themes. The themes are animals, birds, colours, numbers, fruits and vegetables. This app is suitable for all Foundation Phase learners because it varies in difficulty and can be used in many different ways.

Benefits of the app
The app provides pictures as well as sounds. This app can be very beneficial to young learners. If the teacher uses it correctly it can be very positive in the classroom. The app is beneficial for learners that are only starting to learn spelling, and also for learners who can already spell. For beginners the app is useful because the young learners already know their alphabet and they know how to pronounce it. So if the beginner learner sees the picture and pronounces the word, they can guess which letter is missing because they know how the word is supposed to sound.For the learner that is already experienced, the app will be a useful way to test their knowledge in an interesting way. The learners can do this if they finish their work quickly, or if they just want to have fun. The app also has its own reward system with little surprises for the children. This will keep them interested. The app has sound effects to cheer the children on and tell them how good they are doing.

Use in the classroom
This app should be used as an extra activity in the class, and not as a main activity. It is a small but useful app. This means that children should use this app when they finish their work quickly, or the teacher can use the app as an introduction to get children interested. Children can then be motivated to use the app on their own and thus they are learning on their own and having fun doing it. The teacher can even turn the app into a little test for the class.

General comments on the app

Although the app can be useful in the classroom, it can also be some challenges. The app is only available in Android. This means only learners with an Android phone can use this. So learners with blackberries cannot get this app. The app also requires that children need to have their phones with them at school, and everyone needs a phone to use this app. Children can work together on the app but individual work with the app will also be needed. I think this is a fun app to get children interested and is also a good introduction to the use of technology for learning. Through this easy app children can discover more apps and realise how fun and easy learning can be.

Practical Teaching

I just finished 9 weeks of practical teaching. It was so insightful. First of all I realised that teaching is the only job for me. It actually does not feel like a job at all because I enjoy it so much. Secondly, I grew so much as an educator. Being a teacher in the environment I was in was one of the biggest challenges of my entire life. The school was in a poor community and the learners had no support and encouragement at home. They were undisciplined and ungrateful, but they had so much potential and love. It might have been a challenge to teach them, but I loved it! Lastly I just realised more and more how important it is to realise that learners differ immensely and one has to work with those differences. I had the most diverse class I have ever seen, and it was a challenge teaching them. One has to work with different intelligences, strengths and weaknesses. It put my knowledge to the test and I tried my best to succeed. I cannot wait to have my own class and build the perfect classroom.

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Thought of the day

Today I stood with a sewing machine and realised I have no idea what to do with the thing. I though of the olden days when children learnt how to do these useful things from an early age. This is something I have never understood. Why did they remove those helpful subjects that contributed so much to a child skills and their ability to help themselves in daily challenges? Sewing, wood word, metal work, al these subjects prepared learners for every day life. Now learners get 100% in maths but doesn't know how to use a screwdriver, or is a science genius but doesn't know how to fix a button on a shirt.

This is just something that has bothered me for a while. Isn't school all about preparing learners for the 'real world'? I say these subjects are necessary in schools !


Thursday, 14 August 2014

This is one the most striking quotes and can make such a big impact ! The differences in these animals may be more physical, but it still makes one realise that people are complex and the differences in these animals physical appearance refer to the differences in peoples individual personalities. 

In the world after school there are thousands, if not millions, of different types of jobs. One cannot expect children to succeed in these jobs if you only use one method to teach 30 different, unique, complex learners. Sure that is what university is for, but children should be given a chance to explore their individual interests before they go to university. And they should be given a fair chance to succeed.

Monday, 30 June 2014

Dr Seuss

I am the biggest Dr Seuss fan. I just felt like sharing some of my favourite quotes by Dr Seuss. His work is so unique and perfect for young learners. You need Dr Seuss in your class ! 

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Multiple Intelligences

As a young learner I always felt like I was missing something in the classroom . I loved learning new things but the methods of teaching was not working for me . I always felt there had to be other ways to approach it .

When I came to University and I heard about Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences , I though it was the most BRILLIANT thing I have ever heard . I could immediately place myself under specific intelligences and then I understood why I struggled in school . I was different and I needed to be taught differently . This is why I am a strong believer of this theory . These intelligences will make learning interesting for every learner and will ensure success in the classroom for all learners.

I came across this article about the multiple intelligences by Bruce Campbell . Although it is a bit out of date , I though it was a very interesting and helpful article .